Whoever thought lightning wouldn’t strike twice at the same spot would
have to think again as Michael Schumacher won the Austrian Grand Prix
in a fashion not too different a year ago at the same circuit. Reubens
Barichello was ordered to move over at the very last few meters of the
race to make way for Schumacher, the current leader in the Formula
One championship standings. While it may be forgivable last year since
the race for the championship was closer, this time around it was
totally unfair to the person who was clearly dominating the race throughout.
Schumacher was gracious enough to hand the trophy to Barichello and
even shove the latter to stand on the winner’s podium place but still, it
just leaves a bitter taste in the mouth to many people, Ferarri fans
included. Barichello did try to play it down somewhat and understandably so as
he just signed a new contract with Ferarri a couple of days ago that
ensures him of his position with the team for another two years.

Race standings: 1 – Michael Schumacher (Ferrari), 2 – Reubens
Barichello (Ferarri), 3 – Juan Pablo Montoya (Williams BMW), 4 – Ralf
Schumacher (Williams BMW), 5 – Giancarlo Fisichella (Jordan Honda),
6 – David Coulthard (McLaren Mercedes)