I finally got to watch Spiderman
this evening with my colleagues after repeated aborted attempts to
watch it ever since it came out. While I may be quite the Star Wars
fan, after watching both, I reckon Spidey rates better as far as
entertainment value is concerned. The movie has quite a good balance
of action, drama and heart in it. It almost faithfully retells the story of
Spiderman’s origin from the comic book. Note that I said “almost” there.
Some adaptations had to be made in the transference to the silver
screen. Most notable differences were Peter Parker being bitten by a
genetically engineered spider in the movie (as opposed to a
radioactive spider in the comic book) and also the web fluid which
seemingly comes out of the veins of his wrists (as opposed to a
specially created wristband that shoots out web fluid in the comic book).
However, it was tastefully done and it was no doubt due to Stan Lee’s
(creator of Spiderman) involvement in the creation of the movie itself.
Peter Parker/Spidey was played out appropriately by Tobey Maguire,
being the witty superhero and still maintain that boyish charm. Willem
Dafoe was superb in his role as the neurotic Norman Osborn/Green
Goblin as he lived up to that character really well. Kirsten Dunst
was also great in her role as MJ Watson (Actually, I don’t really care!
She can act bad and I’ll still like her! Hahaa!). The role of J. Jonah
Jameson was also played out well by an actor whose name I don’t know
at this time of writing. Anyways, certainly a great movie and I can’t wait
for the DVD to come out. I give it a personal rating of 8.5/10. The jury
is still out however as far as the best movie of the summer is
concerned and I’m anxiously waiting for the third Austin Powers
movie to be out in about a month or two before I can make some sort
of judgment.