Ever had one of those instances where art imitates YOUR very own life?
Some movies or TV shows (the good ones at least) actually do have
substance and over the past week, I came across just about a few that
I can somewhat relate to. I shan’t reveal what TV show or movie (for
the sake of not adding on to that corniness factor that I are already
present in me :P) but suffice to say, it was enough to actually make
me stop, reflect and think about the whole situation. I should watch
TV/movies more often then…

Crud! I thought I got another nasty mouth ulcer but a quick look with
the flashlight showed that I got a growing wisdom tooth that’s biting into
the wall of my cheek. As much as I hate to, I think it’s gonna be a trip
to the dentist soon. Actually, it’ll be my first trip to the dentist ever
since, uhmmm lemmesee… I was 11 years old? I was lucky enough
that all my baby teeth fell off on their own and that my teeth turned
out rather well arranged too without much manual intervention.
Anyways, think with the holiday weekend going on, it’s gotta wait a bit.
Can’t grit my teeth as much though for the next couple of days…

Having trouble deciding between two silverscreen hotties this summer?
might help you decide! Heheh!