I got my Nikon Coolpix 775 digicam fixed at the service center today.
The navigation button has been broken since a couple of weeks ago
and when the camera was brought to the service center earlier, they
said they didn’t have the necessary replacement part and they needed
about two weeks or so to get it in. Since I had an urgent need to use
the camera for Adik’s Engagement the other day, I decided to hang on
to it and make the best out of it. It was still usable (as evident from
the pictures taken) but it called for some creative shot angles and such
since I wasn’t able to zoom in or out. Anyhow, the service rendered was
surprisingly fast! I honestly thought that I would have to leave it for a
day at least but when the guy asked me to wait for half and hour, I was
pleasantly surprised already. Hence, getting the camera back in working
condition after 15 minutes gave me a shock!