Paint Jobbing

Spent almost the whole day helping Bart out painting his new
apartment at Ukay Perdana. There’s a spot in that apartment (near the
entrance of the master and second bedroom from the living area) where
there’s a burst of the primary colors (that’s red, yellow and blue!) which
kinda ‘hits’ you in the eye! We jokingly told him that if Jotun (the paint
company) needs a showcase house or apartment, they could use his!


  1. BART

    Heheh… at least my apt is brochure material. :-). Anyway, can you email me the pixs taken?


  2. semey

    cool. new apt. cc me the pix too. I’m pondering what color to use for my new apt. Jotun any good?

  3. dJcybersonique

    I’ll try to, but I can’t promise since my connection to the ‘Net from the apartment here tops out at a measly 26.4kbps.

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