Just spent the day cleaning up my room. The desk by the window really
needed to be clear of the clutter. :P Too many bits and pieces of
printouts, cables, old bills, receipts, statements, etc. etc. were lying
around. Out with the old, and let the new printouts, cables, bills,
receipts, statements, etc. etc. accumulate! I’ll be doing the same thing
in another 365 days from now… :P

We’re on the verge of leaving 2002 and ushering in 2003. So how has
2002 been? In a nutshell, it was a year quite littered with personal
angsts. There were just too many things that I was pissed off with
and most of it were due to things I had no control over. Things weren’t
all that bad though. There were the occasional happy moments that
temporarily eclipsed the bad things. Then of course, towards the end
of the year, things did look up a bit, mostly due to
Adik’s Wedding (Heh! I still
can’t stop hyping it! :P)

Anyways, so how does this line things up for 2003? If 2002 was the
year I lost control, 2003 is the year I hope to take control again. Look
at it this way: At least if I screw it up, I’ll just be angry with me and not
anyone else ‘cos it’s my own doing. ;)

Happy two double-oh three, y’all…