I just sat for one of the Microsoft Certified Professional
exams this afternoon. I still object to such certifications ‘cos really, I do
not see the point of it. It’s really a product/technology centric test and
with Microsoft updating their products/technology on a very short cycle,
the certification becomes obsolete just as soon as the product/technology
goes through an update. I would rather be tested on understanding the
fundamentals and principles of systems administration or design
instead since that would have a broader scope and will not reach
obsolence just as quickly, if ever. The exam already costs quite a bit
and the idea of having to fork out that much money to recertify yourself
after every product cycle seems pointless. You don’t have to re-obtain
your college/uni degree, do you?

Anyway, the thing was a cinch, I passed. The only thing it wasn’t easy
on was the wallet. :P So, why did I take the exam anyway? Let’s just say
it’s a requirement to get something going on for now. Microsoft sure
has a way of making sure money comes in by various means.

Update: I just found the presence of so called
sites (for Dumb Brains, if you ask me). With these kind of things being
out there, doesn’t this “cheapen” the value of such certifications anyway?