Spent the afternoon lepak-ing (hang out lah!) at Gloria Jeans,
KLCC with Albert
and Shaz of
the Xfresh.com
fame. Airzed is
having a free trial of wireless Internet usage at the vicinity so we
brought our laptops equipped with 802.11b WiFi cards for a spin. Not
too bad. We were downloading stuff from the Internet like nobody’s
business (also helped by the fact that no one else was using the
wireless facilities besides us!). Of course, this by all means is too
geekish of a way to pick up girls or ladies. Unless they too are the
geeky ones (nahh, not likely). Besides, I don’t think I can spend too
much time at places like that everyday. Let’s see if there are any
mamak stalls out there willing to do something like this. For one
regular iced mocha, I can get a few teh-o-ais or teh ais limau. :P

Sidenote: Funny how I can just get on to the Internet as soon as I turn
my laptop on whereas Shaz had to sign-up and authenticate first in
order to get on to the Internet. Also, peer-to-peer networking, i.e.
doing simple file sharing between laptops, is not possible over the local
WLAN (IPSec between the AP and laptop?). I guess I still have to keep
that cross-cable handy when I go to these places then in case I wanna
copy files over. Bahh!