Funny how Tim Allen’s dialog on Home Improvement shown over TV3
got bleeped out (okay, it was more like silenced out) for saying “having
sex” to his on-screen wife. Just what is wrong with that? Is it wrong for a
married couple (albeit on-screen) to say it out? Do the censors reckon
that it was too sexually charged that it might arouse the viewers (well,
maybe those censors who haven’t been “getting some” lately might)?
The context of which that piece of dialog was said is as harmless and
typical of any husband and wife conversation that I doubt it would cause
a twitch in anybody’s pants (maybe except those censors who haven’t
been “getting some” lately). Do they reckon it’d be more appropriate if
Tim Allen were to say “bergurau senda” like P. Ramlee does in Madu
Tiga instead of “having sex”? :\

The NAM delegates have arrived in the country for the summit that’s
going to be held over the next couple of days. To the delegates,
welcome to Malaysia. Please make the summit worthwhile for all the
trouble motorists around the Klang Valley have to put up with when you
take on the streets and highways.

Listening to: Chris Rock (feat. Gerald Levert) – No Sex (In The Champagne Room)