Newcomer Norah Jones’ Big Sweep

I once mentioned that Norah
Jones was a promising artist when I first heard her perform during the
Late Show with David Letterman. So it was no surprise that she made a
deserving clean sweep
in all the categories she was nominated for in this year’s Grammy
Awards. As opposed to Avril “whyjagossagassameesamassacomplicated”
Lavigne in which she did an India.Arie like a year ago, i.e. totally shut
out from winning any awards in all the categories she was nominated
for. Heheh! Can’t complain about that. And neither do I want to
complain about the fact that the censor’s proverbial scissors and their
frosted window panes over
women’s cleavages were inconspicuously absent this time around. They
were annoyingly distracting rather than “protecting” I reckon. Perhaps
the censors HAVE been “getting some” lately then. *Shrug*


  1. Caryna

    I’ve never noticed ‘frosted window panes’ over women’s cleavages *gawd,this is so lame* in award shows. But yea, I agree it’s irritating…I’ve seen this TV programme where they were censoring this evil woman’s cleavage but that woman was walking around and that ‘frosted window panes’ couldn’t catch up…it was a darn funny sight as those panes were out of place. Heck, they might as well just censor those sexy women seen on the front page of every ‘malay mail’ paper. Heh.

  2. lina

    Avril Lavigne can’t sing. Well, at least she can’t perform lives. She sounds like a version of Britney Spears which is kind of dissapointing since I expect more of her. But Norah Jones is a talented performer. Her performance was flawless!

  3. dJ phuturecybersonique

    … and Fred Durst introduced a new word into the English vocabulary: “agreeance”. Heh!

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