Local Music Progress & Awareness

I have been waking up rather early the last few Sundays (as opposed
to “normal” standards of late morning/early noon like some people I
know — okay, so I don’t sleep much anyways). Early enough that when
I start channel surfing on the idiot box, can’t help but notice that RTM‘s
Selamat Pagi Malaysia morning talk show has been consistently
featuring Pop Yeh Yeh groups all this while. I have nothing
against that genre of music (I only have problem with dangdut) but
why can’t RTM feature newer artists or musicians or at the very least
have a good balance between the old and the new? The artists of
yesterdecades have had their day already and are not really producing
any new materials these days. Newer artists are the ones who are in a
better position to provide “movement” in the somewhat stagnant local
music industry ‘cos like it or not, it’s the younger population who’d be
inclined to buy and listen to music rather than the senior people who’d
be listening to music more for nostalgic reasons than anything else.
Perhaps it’s due to the fact that RTM is being run by senior people (I
rather not use the term “old” here for reasons of political correctness :P)
that we get these kinda things happening. It’s not that we want to
forget the past completely (if so, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Frank
Sinatra and Nat King Cole wouldn’t be known today) but move on with
the times! At least our neighbors Singapore and Indonesia are doing
justice to newer/emerging artists by giving them ample exposure, hence
we see more movement there than here in Malaysia. Help promote
those in the now but create awareness of those in the past, not the
other way around.

Still on the musical note (Heh! Geddit? Music – Note. No? Nemind… :P),
I only managed to watch the second half of AIM 2003
last night. Definitely a much better show than last year’s
as far as performances and hosting by Afdlin Shauki and Bob Lokman
are concerned. It’s also good to see that newer talents are credited
where it’s due and more variety emerging from the local music industry.
At least there’s some progression and departure from the
“blame-the-pirates” excuse that has been cited time and time again.


  1. fogdoofist

    Malaysian Music scene is okai actually but the thing is everyone has become so barat they think it’s so kampung and uncool to see what happens. The purpose Selamat Pagi Malaysia is promoting that is maybe because the um, senior generations are the ones that wake up that early and watch em :P

  2. dJ phuturecybersonique

    Hmmm… Good point there, Dide. Though I *still* think RTM likes to cling on to the past, as is evident even in some primetime hour shows (when everybody’s wide awake) like Hiburan Minggu Ini or whatchamacallit in similar veins. Pop Yeh Yeh itself is not really of our origin as it borrows the same level of western influence of their time (Beatles) like how local alternative bands these days are influenced by their current western counterparts (Blink 182). Besides, those newer artistes could use some exposure to a different crowd just to extend their market reach. Like I said, promote those in the now but have awareness of those in the past. RTM has it backwards.

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