The Crib V0.9

My apartment in Sunway is now complete and almost ready for occupation! Went there this morning to inspect the place and collect the keys. Few minor defects here and there but quite happy with it overall. It is, after all, THE most expensive thing that I’ve purchased with my own money so far so it’d better be worth it! I’m estimating June/July timeframe for me to move in there by the looks of things. It ain’t no Casa Impian right off the bat by any stretch (it’ll get there eventually — but for now, I’ll be content with a fridge, microwave, futon bed, my computer, stereo and Astro. Anybody wanna help me source this? :P) but what the hey, it’s gonna make as a good, comfy and functional crib for my ownself in the next two years or so (gonna hafta migrate my “R&D Center” soon too). Surprisingly spacious living area, good view from the balcony and master bedroom, airy when all the windows are open and quite shielded from direct morning/evening sun. Nice location too as major amenities are very close to the place. Can’t wait!

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  1. osman

    wah lau… ready alreadi! I’ve got to wait another 3 months for my apartment. Bila buat house warming bagitau ler. berapa bilek? berapa besar? why stay there only for two years?

  2. dJ phuturecybersonique

    Heheh! Within two years or so “for my ownself”. ;) Prolly stay there for a bit before upgrading to The Crib V2.0 :P

  3. Bart

    Dude – feel like painting your place with ‘tadika’ colors? I’m game… And I dont mind helping you w the interior stuff as well. It’s fun. Ring me up if you need help!

  4. dJ phuturecybersonique

    hahaa! we’ll see how! can even try ghetto grafitti art perhaps :P

  5. Bart

    Dude… i’m serious. Hire me at no cost to become your Casa Impian consultant. Heheh. Anyway, from the pixs, your apt interior looks pretty much like mine. Same developer right?

  6. dJ phuturecybersonique

    yep. but the hall is wider though which makes it look more spacious, hence why I’m pleasantly surprised. layout is quite similar. casa impian? nahhh… casa cybersonique more like! heh!

  7. Bart

    Bila nak jemput? Slumber party ke… hehehe… Sunway chicks join skali le.

  8. dJ phuturecybersonique

    Slumber??! Eiiyer! Sounds so sissy. No slumber… just orgy! Sunway papaya farm just nearby! Bwahahahahahaaa! :P

  9. Bart

    Orgy…? aku no problem… hahaha… I’m expecting one my friend…

  10. dJ phuturecybersonique

    one?? where orgy got one leyy!

  11. Bart

    What I meant was one orgy party la… hehehe… looking forward bro.

  12. dJ phuturecybersonique

    one?? where got enough leyy! :P

  13. lyna

    nice place u have there man. wish i cud have my very own apartment! nevermind, soon…soon…when i get married that is! eh, situ ade rented ones tak? me n my fiancee memang tengah carik one place pun. so, bile house warming par-teeeyy?

  14. dJ phuturecybersonique

    insya-Allah, bila everything dah settled. hopefully doesnt clash with your wedding or anything. when is it, btw? :P

  15. lyna

    date tak set lagi but definately it’ll be this year lah. if not end of the year, most prolly any months before december lah. but memang tahun ni. 8 years of courting.*sigh* too long! wait for my invitation ;)

    im off this friday so 4 hari cuti terus. wooOOooOOoo!

  16. tasia

    hahaha is that toilet seat for real? nice apt anyway! cool view too

  17. dJ phuturecybersonique

    heh, thanks! it’s still a barren bachelor’s pad for now. graduating soon, right? feel free to have a look see/housewarming (if it’s in time) if you’re gonna drop by kl or something on your way back to kuching. :P re: toilet, i’m thinking it IS a toilet seat but not a working/flushing one. i’d be worried if it did. h2o and computers dont really mix, y’know! ;)

  18. Fairy Mahdzan

    So redz, do I get an invitation to your new crib when you throw a party bebeh? *grin*

  19. tasia

    ahaks boleh aja ni.. jemputan makan tak elok ditolak.. yeah hopefully i’ll be in malaysia by the end of august..

  20. Rudy

    cool crib, dude!

  21. llah

    eOne, awesome! and very d’ near to my office! seems like everybody is waiting for d’ party! ;)

  22. anand

    i’m looking for an orgy party …
    if u have any idea of introducing me to one … kindly contact me at 0193937177

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