Enjoyed myself tremendously this time around! Bart, Rose and I had a
good 3 hour laugh at Actorlympics,
an improv comedy ala “Whose Line Is It Anyway”
featuring Patrick Teoh, Rashid Salleh, Edwin Sumun, Jason Lo, Afdlin
Shauki and Ida Nerina! As usual, they poke fun at quite a number of
things related to Malaysians in general and also current events. Jason
Lo (that singer who gave us Evening News a couple of years back) was
surprisingly good as well as Ida Nerina whom we all know for the
serious roles she plays in most Malay movies. My personal highlight of
the show has gotta be that one suggestion I made to Afdlin Shauki to
do Britney Spears with severe hemorrhoid problems! Heheh! I reckon
this year’s is a bit better than the one last year.
Still, none of the comedians are able to do like what their “Whose Line”
counterparts can, i.e. song improvization. That’d be something to see
and listen to indeed! Afdlin or Lo doing an improv-ed Siti Nurhaliza
song in dangdut perhaps? Heheh!