Live From The Xfresh Gathering

This is coming to you live from The Matchroom at Mont Kiara where them Xfresh kids are having a blast of a gathering, chugging down junk food earlier at Burger King and now thrashing each other out on games. Many thanks to Shaz for the invitation (as usual!) and quick greets go out to Albster, Elena, Haz, Ardeana, Efie, Rizal, Andrew, Ekam, Athira, Syefri, KJ, Joanne, Yazmin, Bhavesh (my long lost twin? heh!) etc. Took some pictures but unfortunately there's no wifi networks available here nor the machines in this place have the USB ports easily accessible for me to hook my digicam up. Be posting them later tonight when I get home. After this, I'm off to The Actors Studio Bangsar to watch Actorlympics!

Update (5/11:0230 hours): The pictures are now available.


  1. lyna

    gee…u n bhavesh (i think dats d spelling) look d same…resemblance is there man!

  2. dJ phuturecybersonique

    i moved the comment to the appropriate posting now. anyways,that’s what most people said that day though bhavesh and i both disagree. see us in 3D then you’ll know! :P

  3. Carmen

    yo…dJcybersonique…cool site!!! lol..didn’t see my name there!!! hehe….have fun….

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