Does It Matter Where It Matters?

Despite the advances that our country has made in terms of having the
tallest this, the biggest that, the canggih-est apa-namas, etc., we, the
people as a whole, have not progressed much and in fact, dare I say,
regressed. The achievements made so far merely serve as beautiful
shells to empty or ugly innards that hides our lackadaisical attitude
and lack of civility. Where’s the value of having the world’s tallest
building but yet having trouble keeping its toilets clean? Our Putra LRT
is reputedly the world’s longest, fully automated light rail transport
system but we still have commuters pushing and shoving their way in
with no regards at all to the elderly or pregnant during those rush hours.
Service providers can take pride in the number of subscribers they have
attained but do they really make the numbers when it comes to
customer satisfaction? Even at the basics, we are building more smart
homes now but can we really enjoy truly clean, odorless, colorless water
supply coming into our taps without having to install those additional
filters? Our Deputy Prime Minister diagnosed it spot on not too long ago:
First world infrastructure, third world mentality.
Have we come to a point where we have become a bunch of people who
are concerned of losing out and losing face at things that only possess
little face value? Some of the developed countries in the world do not
even possess the latest, greatest thingamagics in the world but yet, they’re
much orderly, civilized and advanced when it comes to things that are
fundamental in the day to day stuff where it matters most. Progress
would have a more significant and relevant meaning if the quality and
standards of its people improve in tandem with their advancements in
skills and aptitude to build those state of the art whatchamacallits.


  1. semey

    Towards some extend, progress cultivates pride but it is self awareness and our self conciuous in accepting responsibility that maintains our apa-namas. A neighbouring country might not have as much apa-namas, but they r civilized and treat the world with rules and respect. Tons of gov commercials that promotes ethics and common behaviour. Tons of campaigns. None seen in Malaysia to create such impact. No such rules. Mentality is not something we changed over night, its something we derived from observation and perception. We don’t teach, and we dont preach, so we don’t learn.

  2. semey

    conciuos=conscience. common=’normal’.

  3. lyna

    m’sia is too bz trying to gain fame by name. some basic ethics are totally forgotten. i totally agree wit Pak Lah, 1st world infrastructure, 3rd world mentality. THAT mentality needs to be changed, asap. (baru la dapat keje 5 days a week, ye dak?)

  4. lyna

    and dear, if u wanna freeze ur self to death in antartica, by all means, go take dat shower.

  5. lyna

    hmm…come to think of it, i think cold showers REALLY work in antartica ;) does it apply to full blast air-conditioning? sama tak? ahaks. :p thanks for d lyrics.

  6. dJ phuturecybersonique

    it took those already developed nations centuries to be where they are at right now whereas it took us only a two to three decades. the part about not able to change mindsets overnight is absolutely correct. while it is possible to “short-circuit” the development process, the same can’t be applied to mindsets really.

  7. dJ phuturecybersonique

    cold showers are meant to cool down people who are “in heat” so to speak! ;) so if you’re horny in antartica, can you really go for a cold shower? heheheh! i guess your mind is still “pure” ‘cos i don’t think you actually get it at first-kan? :P to the rest who dont know the head or tail of this “side conversation” go read her day’s blog at

  8. lyna

    yes im pureeeeeee…and ur NOT!!!! HAH! well i got it at 1st but was wondering was it really ok for me to post it cuz ur site is err…public viewing for all ages? :p

  9. dJ phuturecybersonique

    chewah! cover line bagus punya! :P

  10. lyna

    mesti ah :p ~_^

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