The Kid Is Alright

Sometime in mid 1974, a husband and wife pair got real horny one night
and nine months later on the evening of May 29, 1975, a baby boy was
born. According to some almanac, that was the day Bob Hope
celebrated his 72nd birthday. Not that the kid will eventually become
like Bob Hope when he grows up. If John F. Kennedy
were still alive that day, he would have celebrated his 58th birthday.
No, the kid did not turn out to become like John F. Kennedy either.
Okay then, closer to home, two years prior to that day, Tan Sri P. Ramlee,
passed away. Nope, absolutely nothing in common with him. And the kid
didn’t grow up to be another national badminton player like Razif Sidek
either. So what’s the point then? Absolutely nothing really. The
kid went off tangent a tad since he dropped himself on the head as a
child and remained off tangent ever since. He’s thankful that he’s
still able to see the living daylights till today though.


  1. semey

    a loud shout of ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ to the kid…. he…he :)
    You are wrong if u think the kid has not made an impression nor a difference, coz the kid surely did…. off tangent or not.

  2. zinnie

    Iwan… selamat hari jadi-jadian.
    ingat umur hanyalah seperti wain,
    semakin lama semakin sedap ( apa le rasa wain ).

  3. lyna

    would’nt it be easier to say that its ur birthday today? ni ade selok-belok, masuk chicane, pusing hairpin turn, pastu masuk pit, yello flag pulak, baru la sampai kat winning line. HAPPY **th BIRTHDAY :)

  4. Bart

    Aku mendoakan kau selamat panjang umur sehingga ke akhir hayat… (memangle kan?)

  5. Caryna

    uh, okay, so happy birthday anyway…lol

  6. tasia

    happy birthday Iwan..

  7. su

    hEy iWan!HepY BuRpdaY!sEmoGa pAnjanG UmuR & dImuRaHkaN rEzki..inSyaAllaH

  8. Nina

    wEee!its ur buffday!!wishing you all the best with many-many happy returns!!erm,pop quiz..”nasi minyak bila lagi?” :)

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