I (Don’t) Want My MTV

Serious lack of updates for the last couple of weeks, I know. Just for grins, "enjoy" the MTV screencaps that are going on all day long today (updated every 5 minutes). It's gonna be just as interesting as counting the number of times the ceiling fan can rotate in an hour when set at different speeds. Joy and rapture. NOT!

Update (6/11): Here are the screen captures. At least the ones that I managed to grab and save (yes, I'm ultra bored and will do just about anything to amuse myself). It went on fine until the electricity in my house went off at about 8:45pm and hosed my machine unbootable as it wasn't shut down properly. I know someone from TNB is reading this…


  1. the TNB guy

    It wasn’t me …Just for the record, I was in JB at the time of the incident… he…he =)… my advice, get a backup UPS whatchamacallit. Old towns like Kajang really hav old distribution equipment, can’t be helped…. too much to replace, costs a fortune. Life expentency is around 50 yrs.

  2. dJ phuturecybersonique

    bwahahahaaa! relax dude, just goat-ing around! :P anyways, there WAS a UPS once upon a time which got blew up just before the electricity went off. it makes a good doorstopper these days.

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