This Website Is For Me, Myself and I

(wife of ex-TV geek Chris Pirillo)
has gotten some flak
recently about the content of her website becoming boring. On the local
front, Lyna
also has been getting some nastiness lately about how she puts
things in her writings. I think some people who maintain weblogs have
come across such instances at one point or another. Don’t the readers
of those websites (or any other websites/blogs for that matter) realize
that they are writing for their own enjoyment and self-expression and
not really to please any other people? Just like the television or radio,
if anyone finds a particular channel entertaining or interesting, well and
good and they can keep tuning to it. If otherwise, there are plenty
other channels to watch or listen to. This website of mine too, is a
“syok sendiri” product and is as interesting as watching lint form on
people’s navels. Funny how people still keep coming though. Must be
good lint.


  1. lyna

    wow, u made me have hits :)
    anyways, im gonna put on a ‘can’t be bothered’ attitude, juz like ur fren osman says. i know that the people who are doing this to me, are a bunch of lame ass-holes. kebudak-budakan is more like it. i havent done anything wrong, so why bother, kan? will juz keep being the same ol’ me.

  2. dJ phuturecybersonique

    just as you swung some of your website readers my way lorr. tit for tat, as they say. anyways, perhaps you oughtta give the chorus of OPM’s Stash Up song ( some consideration as to what kind of attitude is best to face those kinda things! ;)

  3. lyna

    thank for d lyrics ;) juz what i need! nyeahaha.

  4. Albert Ng

    It’s for both… just like how it’s interesting to hear somebody talk to his/herself. I admit to trying to be entertaining at times. Same goes when you’re being watched in real life, really.

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