Apple and Microsoft – Innovation And Evolution

I’ve got the hots for the new Apple Power Mac G5.
If there’s one thing that I find Apple to be good at is to consistently
come up with new stuff that is RIGHT the first time around. Contrast
that with Microsoft whose products have the tendency to screw up until
a few service packs or versions later. Yes, they do get it right
eventually but they’ll have to drag you through the mud before they
get you there. (Besides the Windows
OS that we’re using, the DirectX
API is another such example, which is currently at its 9th iteration.
Anybody ever tried programming stuff using DirectX 3.0 before?
OpenGL was/is
much more pleasant to work with). And I agree with Leafbug
on his point
that if it weren’t for the Open Source movement to keep Microsoft
on its toes, consumers today would still be using piss poor Windows
that is based on the 95/98/ME operating system (once said to be an
OS with 32-bit and 16-bit extensions tacked onto an 8-bit OS made
by a 2-bit company that can’t stand 1-bit of competition.)


  1. lyna

    wow…G5 dah ade. eh, u using d mac eh? mase student years tu, mmg i pakai mac kat lab, tapi sekarang ni, pc la jawabnyeerrr…but i still love d mac tho. btw, thanx for ur comment on my posting. memang i tak ban pun IP add tu, juz let it ben ignore. but i know d IP is from the same group user. since i posted my thots semalam, that wanker seemed to…shut-d-fcuk-up. die terase kot. padan muke. btw, thanx again.

  2. dJ phuturecybersonique

    all this while, i just wished that i could afford a mac. :P i’ve been a user/owner of various computers in my life, e.g. commodore 64/amiga, pcs, but never a mac. perhaps it’s been long overdue… :P

  3. sweetie

    treated myself an imac & and ipod in
    october last year – best decision ever.
    truly awesome technology (and not to
    mention – the cutest thing ever

  4. sweetie

    canggih website btw

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