The office wireless access point DSL router (Linksys) that we purchased
last January tanked late this afternoon for reasons that we shall never
know. It’s been humming along nicely and reliably for the past six
months until this afternoon when connections were being very flaky. So
we decided to give the router a cold boot since it has never been turned
off or reset since the day we commissioned it. Horror of horrors, the
darned thing wouldn’t get off the diagnostics mode after powering up,
no matter what we tried (we cursed, fondled, swore, poked, caressed,
etc. etc.). Didn’t even leave us a chance to even ping the router, let
alone console into it. So we decided to call in tech support and they told
us to bring it in for repairs. Since their office is just about 10 minutes
drive away, and not wanting to leave the company’s operations
immobilized, we just packed it up and made it to their office (much to
their surprise since they didn’t expect us to come that soon!). After much
cursing, fondling, swearing, poking, caressing themselves and failing to
get it to work, they decided to swap the unit for a brand new one that’s
still in its shrinkwrapped packaging there and then, no questions asked
(much to our surprise since we didn’t expect to get a spanking new
replacement unit that soon!). Anyway, it’s good to see that some
distributors honoring their product’s warranty promise, which is almost
always a rarity in this country. Total downtime: 60-something minutes.
Beat THAT, TMNet! Heh!