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CybersoniqueFM can now be heard
(Windows Media Player
only for now. Shoutcast
version might follow soon). For now, the thing is running off port 8080
so you may need to have that port open if you’re behind a firewall or
proxy and will only accept 5 connections (I doubt many more will want
to listen anyways. Heh!). It will randomly select any of the songs in this
playlist. 11 hours worth of
stuff ranging from r&b, rock, hiphop, english, malay and indon. I
*may* show up on the mic (most likely at night MYT). Enjoy and would
appreciate some feedback on the quality of the audio stream. And no,
there won’t be any boybands, country or dangdut stuff on it.


  1. Bart

    Shoot… I was expecting to hear Justin Timberlake… sob! sob!

  2. semey

    Dang it!… TNB just enforced rules on NO MUSIC at the working place due to broadcasting rights. Like I’m falling asleep all the time these days…. =(

  3. dJ phuturecybersonique

    Bagi lagu Scoin, Spring, Spin, ke Scan kang baru tau!

  4. Bart

    I want Tomok’s! Anyway, ada kumpulang nama Scan ke?

  5. dJ phuturecybersonique

    kumpulan boboi tak nak? :P

  6. zinnie

    Well Ramlah Ram not bad.
    Anyone for Akademi Fantasia?
    AFUNDI IWAN. :-)

  7. tasia

    anyway bart ni bart nora ke?

  8. dJ phuturecybersonique

    nope… bart simpson! (class of dec 96) :P

  9. lyna

    i cant even listen to ur radiocast!

  10. dJ phuturecybersonique

    you’re prolly behind a “pelayan proksi” or “dinding api” at your office dear… :P

  11. lyna

    nope, not that. my windows media player 9 f***** up. i think. ^_^
    i cant play any of my playlist with the new version!!!

  12. dJ phuturecybersonique

    i’ll email you the workaround…

  13. lyna

    yeay, it worked. thanks. heard the I MISS U by dunno-who and it brought me down memory lane ~_^ Lagu2 u banyak down memory lane for me! all those meloow2 ones… :) ps : camne nak select ur playlist? boleh ker?

  14. dJ phuturecybersonique

    the playlist kan i ada mention in the entry kat atas nun. no, you cant select to hear any. computer yang select. i think i’ll change the playlist later tonight. it’s been running the same stuff non-stop for two days already. :P

  15. lyna

    eh sorrryyyy…did’nt see that one u mentioned lah. i kinda opened up WMP terus n typed what u sent to me. ur post pun i tak bace abis. hihi…yes, yes do change it 2nite.

  16. Bart

    Tasia, I’m Bart Simpson alrite… who the hell is Bart Nora? My name got copyright, okay.

  17. dJ phuturecybersonique

    aiyah, bart. they’re my juniors masa kat purdue (class of 2000). you met ’em before at the buka puasa and mat duan’s graduation gatherings. anyway, it’s usually spelt bard, not bart. imagine dealing with three likesounded names masa kat purdue dulu, bart simpson, bad aduka and bard nora. :P

  18. dJ phuturecybersonique

    lyna – come to think of it, i’ll let the playlist stay. don’t wanna turn my radio station playing too radio friendly songs. no different than turning on your radio to that certain god-awfull-of-adverts dot-fm station anyways. ;)

  19. lyna

    pasal tu lah i wanna tune into ur station pulaaaaaak…that god-awfull-of-adverts dot-fm station tu dah buat i pening :p

  20. lyna

    ..at least u DONT have any adverts! lol

  21. Bart

    Dude, how much r u charging for airtime slot?

  22. dJ phuturecybersonique

    Intel mau advert ka? Cannnn… I’ll settle with your company’s flagship product! ;)

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