Introducing CybersoniqueFM

Got most of the kinks worked out already. Feel free to try out the all
new CybersoniqueFM! Now
with real-time “what’s playing” song info! ;)

Update (16:45 hours): Okay! So it *oughtta* be
friendly now! You’ll need to have the J2RE installed however (I tested with
and Windows Media Player
itself, of course. Thanks to Spoonfork
for that kick in the ‘nads. :P

Update (July 11): The Mozilla one is flaky at best as it turns
out. It works well on my home PC but on my laptop it just chokes and
barfs. I’m too tired and a bit under the weather to figure it out now. Oh
well. There’s always the original link
that you can use if you wanna listen. The real-time novelty thingy will
wear off soon anyways. We now return you to the normal transmission…


  1. dJcarmen

    oh wow…funky link!!! yay…everyone listen to!!! yipeez!!!

  2. spoonfork

    unfortunately, your javascript does not run on Mozilla Firebird.

  3. dJ phuturecybersonique

    thanks for kicking my lazy ass on that one, spoondude! i “ter-intentionally” neglected the mozilla camp. :P

  4. zinnie

    help needed. am using sunpci for
    my unix workstation. cannot access
    your jukebox. what to do?

  5. Bart

    Woit Zinnie… dengar CD pirated sudah le… itu le… tak nak support wintel solutions…

  6. dJ phuturecybersonique

    hehehe… bukang kau suka dengar celing diong ke zing? :P

  7. zinnie

    weh. you guys not helping.
    Sumpah kamu berdua menjadi
    Daniel Bedingfield dan Iwan dangdut.

  8. Bart

    Zinnie… huh? Aku nak jadik tomok la… heheh…

  9. Bart

    Iwan – Malay numbers in the playlist are so Indon-skewed… which is soo great! Keep up the good job dude!

  10. dJ phuturecybersonique

    harun salim bachik, r. azmi, ahmad jais, m. daud kilau amacam then?

  11. Nina

    god!!i really luf the play lists!!sesuai betul lagu-lagu tu semua dgn my citarasa!!!serious!!more rNb plz!!!!!

  12. Nina

    and the best part was..ada lag u”Lately” by Jodeci!!

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