Of Shoes And Partners

My friend Shareena has this to say on her 28th birthday today:

I remember saying to my hubby before that finding the
right partner is like looking for a pair of shoes. Mesti ada yang salah,
ada cutting tak betullah, colour tak kenalah, sometimes the perfect cut,
the most beautiful design but from kulit babi. Jumpa the perfect pair
bila dah beli pakai melecet. Macam orang jugak, kadang-kadang you
jumpa semua tak kena tapi after a while mana tahu comfortable. Ada
yang perfect pair tapi kalau beli pakai melecet buat apa. Kalau nasib
baik yang tahan melecet tu bila dah lama comfy pulak sebab dah
lembut kan. So you must continue searching for the perfect pair!

Heh! I just gotta stop losing my shoes at the mosque whenever I go for
my Friday prayers…


  1. zinnie

    Damn Shareena you make me cry ….
    any BATA out there..

  2. lyna

    damn that’s true.
    …but what about MANOLO BLA-BLAHS?

  3. Bart

    Shareena, what if it’s sepasang selipar jepun?

  4. nona

    that is so true..can’t wait to find my shoes that fit and comfy as well! :)

  5. zinnie

    sometimes, someone’s left over is somebody else’s fortune :-)

    We are sure out of time but we are not out of choices yet …..

  6. Bart

    Zinnie… how much choices actually left? Would these leftovers be the right shoes to put on?

  7. dJ phuturecybersonique

    sampai hati kata leftovers. anyways, i want my kasut fung keong from gombak! :P

  8. sweetie

    your friend shareena sounds like a
    really nice gal – my ‘kasut’ pun tak ler
    d’perfect pair tapi ‘comfy’ giler..

  9. dJ phuturecybersonique

    hmm… fikir punya fikir, perhaps she oughtta send that bit out to the producers of mr cinderella 3! bwahahahahaa! poyo habis! :P

  10. dJcarmen

    Redz, tell ya what…go and get Hush Puppies shoes…maybe will work…but nvm…after a million shop..i’m sure u’ll at least get one!!! lol….

  11. zinnie

    Have a look at Zalina Azman’s shoe.
    made in Malaysia but sold in UK.
    Does money matter?

  12. Bart

    Zalina Azman buat kasut ke? Another Q to all, do you guys think Erra Fazira is the right shoes for Yusri KRU and vice versa?

  13. zinnie

    Zalina just got married to an IT director in London. His name is
    colin johan robertson, 47. I think Erra has found her Mr Right. Kalau dia melecet nanti mesti heboh satu Malaya. BATA – Buy And Throw Away.

  14. dJ phuturecybersonique

    jodoh orang, Tuhan dah tentukan. masjid orang, jangan robohkan. tak baik. kalau sendiri dah cuba tapi tak dapat, terima dan redha ajelah. peach bukan sebiji, kambing bukan seekor. hahahahahaa!

  15. rudy

    Hmmm, just don’t dare using other people’s “shoes”.

  16. iskandar

    bagus dan menarik

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