While I’m not surprised that City Hall will not issue any more performing licenses
to Instant Cafe Theatre (ICT) over the latter’s refusal to remove the
so-called “offensive” bits in their “Boleh-wood” show, I’m somewhat
disappointed that City Hall has chosen to take on this path instead. If
some politicians are mature enough
to take on some jokes at their own expense, then what’s biting this so
called “True Malay Critic”?
A lot of other people seem to be able to enjoy and accept the content
of the show just fine. I mean, face it — if you’re not gonna hear some
of the jokes or parody on stage, you’re gonna hear it over few glasses
of teh-tarik or whatever beverage that you fancy at your favorite
watering hole anyways. I’ve seen Malaysian Comedy Pest 2002,
Why You So Fat,
Actorlympics 2002 and
Actorlympics 2003. Almost all
of the shows poke fun at anything Malaysian (with a generous serving of
Singaporean stuff too while they’re at it) because it’s true in real life
anyways! This whole thing just confirms that some Malayisans just can’t
take a joke and laugh at themselves really. Perhaps “True Malay Critic”
should then be critical to the things in real life that led them to come up
with those jokes and parody in the first place. Anyhow, we should all be
happy now ‘cos we can only watch Senario’s
brand of comedy be performed in public after all this.