Lord Of The Joget Ringtone

Ayah got himself a Nokia 6610
phone on his birthday. Now,
don’t go asking me why he chose such a high end phone for himself
‘cos it’s really beyond me (he doesn’t subscribe to GPRS or WAP
service, he almost never sends any SMS-es and he still couldn’t key in
items into the address book by himself till today). It’s a nifty phone
nonetheless. Anyway, he’s been pestering me for a nice ringtone for
the phone since the day he got it. I’m not a ringtone junkie by any
stretch (I keep my own mobile on vibrate mode all the time) and I
can’t find anything out there that offers decent polyphonic ringtones so
I consider it a big deal being able to come up with this
joget polyphonic ringtone. Ruff Ryders’
Anthem or Doraemon just sounded weird on him. I try to be the good
son sometimes. :P


  1. binnie

    Polyphonic ringtones sound like broken radios :P And yeah hey! Dad’s wanna be as technology savvy as us too eventhough they might looks dumb and dodgy trynna figure out what it is, like for instance my dad and his Nokia 9210 Astro remote controller wannabe that he spent almost ONE whole week non stop experimenting with it as if he’s got a new toy.

  2. lyna

    ur dad is so cute! hehe…well my dad has 6610 too, same case as ur dad aswell (well he sms’s, a bit) He said he also wants to be up-to-date! my bf juz recently bought 6610. he gave me d fone n asked me to set-up EVERYTHING. can u help me out on d polyphonic (create sendiri. i dunno how to change to midi). that ketipak polyphonic is so cute! (otai…)

  3. dJ phuturecybersonique

    My Dad? Cute?? Hahahahahaaa! Lemme regain my composure! :P Anyway, I had another listen to that Joget Ketipak MIDI song. I think if I were to put on dark glasses and hang around Globe Silk Store at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman with a keyboard playing that ditty, I think I can easily pass off as one of them and collect some money! :P

  4. lyna

    my soalan has not been answered by u yet…can or cannot?

  5. zinnie

    To Cute or not to cute….the answer is that all man (soft/hard)need toys.

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