I’ve been experiencing high fever and aching limbs and joints for
the past three days. I just passed that off as flu and went on with my
daily work as usual. But I woke up this morning and noticed there were
rashes on my arms which can mean only one thing. That’s right folks,
pending the results of the blood test to confirm it, the doctor says it’s
highly likely to be dengue fever.
If it really IS dengue, this will be the third time I’m getting it. I don’t
know if I should consider myself lucky to be one of those people to
experience 3 out of 4 dengue virus strains in this world or that my
neighborhood has become one nice ecosystem for the aedes mosquito
to breed the different viral strains. I’m hoping this one to blow over
real quick. I mean heck, this is the third time I’m getting it and I should
be getting better in handling this thing.


  1. Caryna

    omg, 3 times? that is crazy. 3 times. wow. 3 times. okayyy…get well soon dude, hei, perhaps ot was the same mosquito that bit you all 3 times :)…there’s this once my friend spotted an aedes mosquito on my hand and i thought i was going to die…=/ heh.

  2. idreamofzinnie

    OMG too.. 3X. get well soon and you are going to be the next XXX diesel.

  3. Anonymous

    Lorr… again!!?!??.. so u chop of the mango tree.. still got nyamuk??… tak bakar ubat nyamuk ke?… u should rare toads and cicak or tanam serai… it keeps the nyamuk away. I trust u found out abt it earlier this time… or if not.. which hospital this time ??..kitaorg buleh buat reunion kat wad. Hmm.. anyway,… remember to take lotsa liquid and take better care next time.. could be a fourth!!.. (sentuh kayu)

  4. dJ phuturecybersonique

    where got mango tree lor? the mango tree has been gone for more than a decade already. We do use mosquito repellants and there are serais at the backyard. thing is, we can do so much but if the unoccupied neighbor’s house happens to be a breeding ground for mosquitos then it’s still pointless. no hospitals! taubat tak nak masuk lagi after the first time! 3 bottles of 1.5 litres of 100 Plus does the same trick as them drips they put you on. i’ll have to be in africa in order to get the fourth dengue strain. :P

  5. Bart

    Woit… apasal kau sorang je kena ek? Dont think your parents were infected before?

  6. dJ phuturecybersonique

    Pasal darah aku best… :P

  7. semey

    glad to hear all is allrite… hmm…. darah teruna…. =)

  8. tasia

    hey hey hey there iwan… hopefully you’re feeling better.. me myself pun baru baik dari bad fever.. sorry for not keeping in touch.. so many thing’s been happening here.. :[

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