I Loathe You, Samy Vellu

Pak Lah made a surprise visit
to the Immigration Department in Pusat Bandar Damansara the other
day. If I may submit a wishlist to Pak Lah, I would like him to take a
ride on the LDP Highway without any of those police escorts that forces
other road users to make way for his vehicle and also, have Samy
Vellu be the driver of his car with a full bladder to boot. I’d like Pak Lah
to see if Samy can withstand the hour long 6km crawl from Kelana Jaya
to the Sunway toll plaza. Oh yes. Samy has to fork out for that RM1 toll

See Pak Lah, not only do the frontline government agencies need to
buck up, something desperately needs to be done about the state of
our “premium” highways too. It really is unfair, not to mention ironic, to
charge road users RM1 to use a highway that is jammed because of
the toll collection! Tell Samy to try growing brains instead of hair on that
head of his and do away with his cheti houses on our highways. I’m
sure you’re all for eradicating the First World Infrastructure, Third World Mentality
malaise that’s plaguing a lot of things in this country.


  1. semey

    I most agree on taking the escorts away. A good leader fits in their follower shoes. Understanding a problem better, creates impact and hasten the need for change.

  2. dJ phuturecybersonique

    i’d rather litrak waive the toll (a.k.a. raise uncle samy’s hair fund) until they fix the mess that is the ldp highway.

  3. Rudy

    Dude, try also proposing uncle samy to drive all the way from Kuching to Miri, Sarawak.

  4. Bartholomew

    Yo Rudy my man!

  5. Simon

    I wonder what’s the meaning of LDP HIGHWAY….I can reach the destination more faster then using LDP. So, basically is for money collection not solving traffic problem.

  6. Andy

    If we simply ask the Highway Companies to waive a toll we’ll fall into thier tricks. Explaination: They worked out toll fee based on N traffic volume (small vomue). If toll is waive government has to pay them money to cover the lost. This time they estimate the lost based on M traffic volume (which is much greater then N). It has proven to work flawlessly in many cases. So waiving toll fee isn’t a good idea after all. We need to be more alert of what’s happening behind. I hope you all can get my point. (P/S: I heard government has to ensure those Highway Company make money as stated in the Contract. If not goverment has to pay?)

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