See Anything Different?

No? Perhaps it’s a bit too subtle then. In case if you miss the
old look, you can always switch it back
and forth as you like. Few other
features were added, some stuff underneath the hood got redone
while some stuff might come off looking a bit out of place for
now but I think I’ll just leave it at that and clean it up as
I go along. The explaining to all this will have to come another
day. I’m just too beat right now.


  1. idreamofzinnie

    refreshingly cool. hek eleh !!!!!

  2. semey

    i know its easier to work with blank white spaces,… but I kinda miss the old one…

  3. dJ phuturecybersonique

    it’s still there, dude! ;) i’m not ditching it all together, simply out of nostalgia. so used to seeing it that way ever since this site got started 2+ years ago.

  4. Bartholomew from Belgium

    Ini better la… senang nak baca… and look friendlier, ala-ala ceria gitu… eheks!

  5. sam

    I prefer the classic version too…

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