Wearing Out & Greying Out

Ever had one of those days where you would ask yourself if it
really is worth the time and effort to get out of bed and go
through the day as you normally would? My clock is not winding
at all these past few days for some reason. Perhaps the mind is
“shocked” with the nothingness that follows what has been a
rather intense two months of non-stop stream of work for me. I
really gotta find me some distractions to balance things out a
bit in my day to day doings. I suppose being too focused on
something isn’t that good after all ‘cos once it’s all over and
done with, you end up being in some kinda withdrawal symptom or
worse, burn out. Right now, based on the amount of grey hair that
has been growing on my head already, I’d say I’m halfway between
the two.


  1. Illyna

    I think you work TOO HARD. One sign is spending Raya away from home when you don’t have to and when you’re based in Msia. If you’re in the States, I don’t think they make you work on Xmas day. Know what I mean. Take a break! Get that girl! Do something stupid! Life’s too short:) Letting go can be *liberating*!

  2. Idreamofzinnie

    Have a Kit Kat :-)

  3. binnie

    Want a sheep?

  4. Bartholomew dari Belgium

    Huh? Woi… aku demam, lagi sedih. Nasib baik tak kena tahan kat airport tadi. Anyway, I didnt come back from either SG or Taiwan okay…

  5. lyna

    yeah, have a kit kat. a lil’ indulgence will do u good :)

  6. dJcarmen

    umm…sounds exactly like me when it comes to event managing!! yea…really really tough though to live up like tiz…newayz…just lay back when u can though…all i can say..have some rest…

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