Congratulations Purdue Grads of Fall 2003!

A quick one to congratulate Boilermakers
Aida, and the rest on their graduation this weekend! I’m there
in spirit to gloat in the glory of your graduation with y’all!


  1. yipeeee!!


  2. Bartholomew dari Belgium

    Wherever and whoever you are,

    Hail Purdue!

  3. idreamofzinnie

    Kenangan adalah suatu kemanisan yang pahit. Terima kasih Iwan & bart — kamu akan selalu dalam ingatan esp Bart – remember you taught me how to drive and also played tennis on syima’s wedding day and Iwan remember how I teach you to put off the fire. ha remember next time no flour. Ok :-)
    To those yang baru graduate, jangan lupa ambil gambar banyak-banyak. Tahniah. Tahniah.Tahniah

  4. idreamofzinnie

    Bart bukan tennis la. squah.he he

  5. dJ phuturecybersonique

    aisay… excuse me, mister. it was *I* who put out the fire that *YOU* caused in the oven! at least kita guna baking soda untuk padamkan api, while you were frantically trying to put it out using a spatula. and you will definitely be remembered for your infamous “nasi peach”! ;)

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