Ex-Boilermakers’ Wedding Weekend

Two ex-Boilermakers had their wedding receptions today. First up was Part II of Firdaus and Fawzana’s wedding at the groom’s place in Penang (their picture page has been updated with pictures taken today). I was joined by other ex-Boilers Md. Zin, Bart and Jahang there. Immediately after that, I was off to Ipoh for Eijatt and Fara’s reception (pictures below). I was joined by ex-Boilers Ustad, Hanif, Jimmy, Salleh and Asroll. I’ve already made it back home to KL at this time of writing and I’m really high on nasi kandar and obviously nasi minyak right now. Curiously, only the guys made their appearances at both events today. Whatever happened to them ex-Boiler gals, lah? Heheh! :P Anyways, Selamat Pengantin Baru to both couples! Here’s wishing a good life ahead for the four of you!

Dedicating: Alice Peacock (feat. John Mayer) – Bliss


  1. Nong Ali

    Hmm..Hmm… *tapping ma fingers on the desk* hmm… hmm… Bilalah agaknya ya… Bilaaa?? Btw, Sal was at Eijatt’s wedding wat. Kire wakillah! Duh!!

  2. dJ phuturecybersonique

    bila eh? i ask myself the same question from time to time. seru tak sampai lagi, rezeki belum ada, so nak buat camna? anything up on that end nanti you taulah. ;) btw, sal sampai lambat haritu lah! dua2 wedding i pi nampak guys je…

  3. Rudy

    hey, i was there too…n’way, nice to see U Mat Dwan!

  4. Rudy

    hold up! no wonder i see md zin and jahang’s name there..n’way, sorry i missed the nasi kandar orgy. Penang, cheers!

  5. azura

    me not a boilergal but was there with Sal. A LOT later though!

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