sent word that there’s a new radio station (still unnamed) in
town that’s currently going through its paces over 92.0FM in
the Klang Valley. It took me a while to figure out what kind of
stuff they’re playing until I realized that they’re playing
nothing but local music be it in Malay, English, Mandarin or
Tamil. Most of the stuff that they have got on their playlist
are pretty urban stuff from the likes of local hip hop groups
(Ruffedge, Da Joint, Muchachaz, Chakrasonic) to pop (Ning Baizura,
Nur Fatima, Ferhad, Victor Wong, etc.) to alternative rock (OAG,
Butterfingers, Exist, Black Maria). Since this is coming from
AMP Radio Networks,
the very same people that brought you Hitz.FM,
My.FM, etc. you can
pretty much expect it to be a format radio station like its
other siblings.


  1. Shin

    Issit Astro’s channel 114 Varia ? I listen to it often !~

  2. LeiF

    whos victor wong?

  3. Shin

    victor wong must be one of the guys who made up the michael and victor “guang liang ping guan” laa…

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