The Crib V1.0

After over one year since V0.9, then the accidental renovation a month ago and then and my recent exodus to the apartment a.k.a. The Phuturecrib, the place can now be finally declared as feature complete at V1.0. No more “patches, upgrades, service packs”, etc. is expected for the next several months to come I hope. :P The pictures below show its before and after states. Here’s a sneak peek of how it’s like in the main living/dining area. Wanna see more, especially the infamous green tiles? Do come and swing by the place! Bring food as well. It’s always welcomed with open mouth and empty tummy! ;)


  1. tasia

    looks like u got casa impian touch to your apt..

  2. Nong Ali

    WOW!! NICE and SWANKY!!!!!! I’m lovin it.. Padapapadaaa….!!

  3. idreamofzinnie

    you are missing ABBA dancing ball.
    “you’re the dancing queen…”

  4. llah

    simple and cozy. shall drag myself soon! :P

  5. You Know Ants

    Are those ants on the wall?

  6. dJ phuturecybersonique

    tasia: casa cybersonique more like! i still can’t find my missing rm150! :( zin: why settle for disco ball when you can have an ultra cool fog machine! heheh! ants: maybe from far they look like ants, but they’re actually cracks… NOT! :D

  7. lyna

    waaa…casa impiaaaaaan…tolerance for d pregnant lady ‘ere? nampak macam tinggiii je! hehehe…

  8. Rudy

    Soooo, where shall i bunk? ;)

  9. nadhra

    nice place you got there. maybe you should other people to join in that nice cozy place…or are you waiting for someone…. :D

  10. Bartholomew

    Pemanasan rumah… pantas! pantas! Anyone up to this idea? I need to see hands!

  11. dJ phuturecybersonique

    tak nak panaskanlah… nak suam-suamkan aje… heh…

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