Stark Naked Riders

I'm a rollercoaster nut enthusiast. I like to ride all the rides hands free and on front row center no matter how tall, fast, twisted, deranged they are. I'm all for elevating and heightening the level of excitement on them rides but these kids have taken it at a whole new level altogether when they rode the 'Nemesis Inferno' ride clothes free as part of a new world record attempt on the most number of naked riders on a rollercoaster. I hope the park attendants washed and disinfected the seats after that.


  1. lyna


  2. llah

    oh mannn! i can’t imagine going up and around naked! despite, i miss the rides!!!

  3. idreamofzinnie

    Happy belated birthday iwan.
    How’s the ride of life so far?
    feeling naked? more to come ….

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