More Amazing Things In Small Packages

Last month, I wrote about
this Doom 3 like game called
that is only 96kb in size. I’m sure many people were stumped and
curious to know how that much stuff got cramped into such a tiny
executable. The guys behind it, Farbrausch,
are no strangers in the demoscene as they have been producing many,
many mindblowing demos that defy their 64kb sizes such as
.the .product,
Poem To A Horse,
among others. Read up on the technology behind .the .product
and a quick guide from one of the programmers,
Tammo Hinrichs a.k.a. KB,
on how the programmers (particularly in the demoscene) these days
should Fucking Learn To Code Again.

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  1. idreamofzinnie

    less is better. more hardcore!

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