The Lazy Bunch

We Malaysians are a lazy bunch of people, aren’t we? Parking.
When we park our cars, we really like to park our cars close to
the entrance of the premise to the extent of illegal or double
parking instead of at an available lot that may take a bit of a
walk to get to the entrance. Airport moving walkways (or
walkalators whatchamacallits). Those things are meant for you
to speed up your walking instead of actually helping you move
100 meters without swinging your legs (you can walk faster than
those things if you’re merely standing on it, trust me). And
when you’re standing there, you’re blocking those who really
need to rush at an airport. Elevators. Just what is wrong with
taking the steps if you’re only going up or down by one floor?
Unless you’re disabled or carrying loads of stuff with you,
there’s no reason why you have to keep others waiting for you
or you even wait for the elevators in the first place. And the
greatest laziness of most Malaysians: Flushing. All it takes
sometimes is just a push of a button to flush. Maybe some
people find that too streneous that they even got auto flushing
ones too but heck, there are those who are even too lazy to
aim! I give up, really.


  1. Ash.ox

    I hear ya bro. It’s kinda irritating, especially when they have no idea how to AIM! Maybe all we need is a little patience, or is it we need police clubs on our backs?

  2. dJ phuturecybersonique

    methinks it boils down to education. kalau atuk dia dah kencing berdiri, ayah dia kencing berlari, dia pula nak kencing “handsfree” kut…

  3. Marita Paige

    And not to mention the triple parking at schools! Geez, what utter lack of civic-mindedness! How do we change ourselves?

  4. lyna

    i’ve heard of dat no-flushing, no-aim thingymejigy…always happens at men’s loo but sometimes ladies loo also got! dunno la these people…ape nak jadi, tak tau laaa..

  5. Ash.ox

    Huh! Kencing handsfree? That’s a scary picture, dude!

  6. none

    welcome to Malaysia…

  7. nong

    Dahlah tak flush, aim merata2, TISU berlambak dlm toilet bowl. Konon nak wawasan 2020, sendiri punya hal pun tak betul2 lagi. Pening!

  8. lyna

    this ‘aiming’ reminds me on one part in the Hot Chick movie…
    camtu ka..?!?!

  9. llah

    I hate double parking, triple even worst. @Giant memang dah selamat those cars kena bang by us with the trolleys!

  10. Caryna

    HAHA. That is true… but oh well… i give up as well. As for the parking matter… i think we should just blame it on the weather. haha.

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