Last Call For Them Raya Greeting Cards!

Several hundred million people
have already sent in their addresses to which the Hari Raya
Greeting cards (actual one that you can hold in your hands and
read, NOT those e-cards that you get via email) will be sent to.
It’s still not too late to send in yours if you still haven’t.
Read my earlier posting on The Eid Greeting Card Initiative
to clue yourself in on what it’s all about. As mentioned, it’s
open to everyone of various ethnicity and belief. If you’re a
Hindu, you’ll get a Diwali card, of course! To get y’all in the
mood, I’m throwing in some Hari Raya songs into
playlist from today onwards.


  1. irma

    dj DUDE! That’s a picture of a COW! I LOVE COWS! COWS ARE COOL!

  2. nadhra

    can i get a REAL one then? how can i give you my address? :P

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