Stupid Streptococcus

Some bug called streptococcus
managed to outsmart my defenses and decided to build a colony in
my lower left lung. As a result, I was having persistent fever
at > 38°C (around 100-102°F) on top of non-stop coughs
and chills for a few days last week before I ended up in SJMC
over the weekend and some. It has also made me miss fasting for a
few days and counting already. I’m out of the hospital now but
not exactly out of the woods yet. Many thanks to those who sent
their well wishes and those who visited while I was there.

Interesting sidenote (to me, at least): One of the drugs used
during the treatment was Cipro.


  1. hyelbaine

    Best of luck and get well soon my friend ;)

    Cheers!!! :D

  2. Kervin

    Oooo those are nasty and hard to get rid of too. Get well soon.

  3. nong

    errrkk, masuk hospital ke? Kesian. Get well soon OK. Nanti tak best nak raya…

  4. nur

    makan2 ubat betul2.. and get well soon ok.

  5. osmy a.k.a semey

    Get well soon bro. Kalu nak ubat the pharmacy at [email protected]

  6. lioness

    uh oh…. better not let those bugs get to ya again… anyway… do u still want that lamb chop masak lemak cili api??? ..LOL… take care :P

  7. nur

    Cipro (Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride)
    for Inhalation Anthrax <– is this the Anthrax yg US takut sangat tu? hehe.. just asking!

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