There Will Be No White Flag Above My Door

The worst is definitely over. But there’s still this persistent
cough to deal with. I’ve resumed fasting a couple of days ago
after missing nine whole days because of that
stupid streptococcus
episode. That’s about a third of the whole Ramadhan. Most Muslim
women don’t even miss that many due to the menses. I suppose I
shouldn’t make fun of ’em who’s gotta “hoist the Japanese flag”
during that time of month anymore in the future. Look who’s
joining ’em to replace the days missed fasting now.

It did take a while. After all, there were several
hundred million to send out.
But the cards are on
their way now nonetheless. Thanks to those who participated.

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  1. nur

    ye la.. kita sama2 ganti puasa lah! Lol!

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