That Dumbassed Dude With A Cancer Stick

If there’s a prize for the most inconsiderate idiot if I saw one,
it’s gotta be this numbnutted nitwit whom I came across at the
jogging track today who was strolling on the jogging path whilst
smoking away. He was oblivious to the fact that those who were
trailing on his path were upset with his antic judging by their
frantic wafting away of the smoke. I doubt he was there to
exercise in the first place as he wasn’t even in any exercise
gear for that matter.

May his pubic regions be infested by the fleas of a thousand
llamas and his arms grow too short for him to reach and scratch
it for depriving us of good clean oxygen and making us inhale his
second hand smoke while we were exercising.


  1. Silencers

    Where have I heard this ancient curse before? Must be a variation.

  2. bibi a.k.a bibster

    By far that curse is the hardest blow ever received by tobacco companies.

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