Streamyx Outage Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

The recent outage
affecting Screamyx Streamyx users saw a
significant rise among Malaysian Internet users suffering from
Internet Withdrawal Syndrome. The inability to
surf websites, chat, play online games, download music/movies/tv
episodes via BitTorrent, email, and perhaps get some serious work
done in between had most users going ballistic to the point of
being manic depressive.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, an
increasing number of people also exhibited the newly discovered
Blogging Deprivation Syndrome. It reportedly
started when they can’t blog about their Internet Withdrawal

Update (April 12 @ 1540 hours): Om Malik
has written an entry about Internet Anxiety Disorder.


  1. Silencers

    Apa ni, berita tak lengkap.

  2. idlevortex

    I couldn’t agree more. Hahah.

  3. bibi a.k.a bibster

    Hence the reason why I’ve brought my blog back to life.

  4. mack

    Muahahahaha. I was incapacitated for 3 days

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