Things That Make Me Wet In The Pants

The iPod did it for me a
few months back, albeit a wee bit sticky. The other thing that
can really do it for me would be rollercoasters. There was the
tallest and fastest in 2000
and then there was the tallest and fastest in 2003,
both at Cedar Point,
the rollercoaster Mecca of the world. Now Six Flags
is about to wrest it all away with their Kingda Ka
ride. Check this out: the peak is 456 feet (45 stories) from the
ground and it launches from 0 to 128 mph in 3.5 seconds. I’m
already having an erection just reading the specs. Don’t worry,
I’m just gonna go ride it hands free, not stark naked.
Gotta be careful not to poke anyone’s eye out now.


  1. Afiq

    Riding the rollercoaster stark naked??? can we do that without finally ended up in wad 12?

  2. bibi a.k.a bibster

    Why is everything exciting is orgasmic to you?

    BTW, Ward 12 is the Psychiatric Ward. That was what Afiq meant!

  3. Chibster

    You’re sick, man.

  4. dJ phuturecybersonique

    looks like i’m way overdue for that trip to Ward 12! heehee!

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