Invitation For Sky Kingdom Club Membership

An SMS dropped into my cellphone this morning:

Invitation for Sky Kingdom club membership in
Terengganu beach front. Offers multi religious experience, daily
tea party (giant teapot available) & a chance to sit next to the
father of all pinheads, Ayah Pin. Remember, the sky is the limit!
Hurry get your PIN digit now!


  1. Jack GA-

    thats a good one. heard another one yesterday , one of our collegue fails to get his claim upon visiting the accounts payable unit. simply reasons submitted was ” AP tutup , kena raid”

  2. finnique

    hmm agreed some sky kingdom beliefs are nonsensical.

    i find it offensive to see people dissing other people’s faith no matter how unbelievable they might seem. whoever sent that sms ought to be ashamed. :(

  3. Pok Ku

    But sorry to be a wet blanket- the place is hardly beachfront. There is a waterfall nearby though. PIN it on lack of local info.

  4. Afiq

    To the sky and beyond!!!!…..;)

  5. laydiefa

    PIN him down!

  6. Lex

    I thought it was a joke… perhaps the pinhead is hiding in the sky.bleh

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