You Sent Me An S.O.S. In The Form Of An S.M.S.

The following is a transcript of an SMS conversation that
happened on a dark and stormy Friday evening not too long ago.

Laydiefa: Jam teruk giler..
Me: I’m also caught in one at PJ. Sigh. Layan lalak
Laydiefa: No wonder it hasn’t stopped raining..
Me: Dah memang hujan, layan aje la.
Laydiefa: Yeah.. it made me cancel my plan to nokia
starlight cinema tonight. Thank you Mr Redzuan! Thank yousss!
Me: Aniiiiii.. angkat kain jemuraaaaaaan, hujan dah turuunnnnn…
Laydiefa: Wahahahaha.. so when its gonna be ‘jemuran dah
Me: Bila kita sampai rumah.
Laydiefa: Which for me, could mean another 15 minutes..
look at the sky. Macam nak hujan lagi lebat. What kind of song
are you singing ni?
Me: Oh Carol
Laydiefa: Fine. I’m committing suicide. :))

So, not only do the music I play are ear bleeding, they’re
suicide inducing as well. I’m seriously considering starting a
cult. No teapots involved. Crackpots and pinheads may apply.


  1. laydiefa

    okay, i’m signing up.

  2. lyna

    i’m committing suicide too :p


  3. Yvonne

    hey! u left me out in yer links! no fren you.

  4. zin

    tupperware anyone?

  5. Sashi

    So how do I sign up?

  6. tasia

    hmm would you go by ayah redz or ayah wan?

  7. dJ phuturecybersonique

    that’ll be Daddy One. makes it easier to ask, “Whosyerdaddy”

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