Bring On The Wind And Rain

It has come to a point where wearing a mask indoors is inevitable. At the rate it’s going, soon it’s going to be an exercise in futility. Maybe now is a good time to bring on another of those aural assaults that are not only ear bleeding and suicide inducing, it is known to bring heavy rain
as well not too long ago. Hopefully it will bring some
Wind Of Change as its namesake goes. I doubt the song will bring tears to anyone’s eyes but I guess we’re way past that already in these kind of conditions. Do the raindance while you’re at it too, will ya? We’re desperate for some good clean air, the sun and clear blue skies with white fluffy clouds. This geek is getting too pale and pasty skinned already.


  1. laydiefa

    so now I have to choose whether to bleed my ear, OR to listen to darth vader mendengus-dengus?

  2. Afiq

    did you sing hari tue because it rained la last week… What song did you sing??

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