How Do I Look Like Again?

I got myself on the weighing machine today. The last time being
two weeks ago. From what it tells me, I’m now lighter by 5 kgs
since then and am now underweight from my supposed ideal weight
by 2 kgs. From what I can tell, the amount of food I’m consuming
(and subsequently excreting) versus the amount of energy I’m
using lately are not in equilibrium. Since I can only eat (and
excrete) so much, the logical thing to do is to spend more
time vegetating.

The barber I’ve been getting my haircut from since my first
ever haircut post potong jambul has finally retired. I’m
now barber-less and sporting that
Hugh Grant hair again.
Somebody also told me the other day that if anybody were to
observe me for several days, he or she can pretty much figure out
all the clothes that I have in my wardrobe.

Toldya I’m retrosexual.

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  1. laydiefa

    ya ampunn!! belum la potong rambut lagik?

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