Fuyoo! Afdlin Shauki Ada Weblog Siuttt!

The dude who once sat on me
in front of a live audience and subsequently restored my bowel
movements to its regular state, i.e. Afdlin Shauki, has a
weblog running. Some quotable quotes so far:

  • Okaylah first of all, thank kayu daun kerladi kepada semua
    yang mengunjung blog ini dan kalau anda datang untuk spam site
    ini, biarlah satu hari anda termakan spam ketika berjalan-jalan
    mencari makan di luar negeri.
  • Sumbang mahram – sounds like a charity organisation doesn’t
    it? “Sudahkah anda membuat sumbangan mahram anda?” hee hee…
  • Then i’m going to menyembah berhala kat rtm untuk
    programme-programme rtm.
  • Having children, I think, is the best thing that I have
    experienced in my life, second only to the actual act of making
  • When the bass player stops playing, it’s called a drum
    solo.. or …errr something like that la.
  • Jangan dia ingat budak gemuk yang tenang tak ada bela

Go see what else is Inside Afdlin Shauki’s Head.

Update (Aug 20): Not only has he lost his mind,
he’s linked this humble site of mine from his too! I have my
bowels forever indebted to him now.


  1. nongcha

    aku pon ada blog siol!

  2. mysara

    hehe my first time readin aflin’s blog. hehe.. he reminds me of zach braff of scrubs.. funny guy la

  3. lionel

    good quotes! i’ma gonna run straight over to the blog now.

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