Saturday Morning Shenanigans

After completing my run early this morning (with time to spare…
TAKE THAT!), I decided to join a group of people there who were
doing their Saturday morning tai-chi routine just to see what the
buzz was all about. Let me tell you, nothing invigorates you
better than pushing air, slapping wrists, knees, etc. I
immediately felt my bowel move as I was pushing the air around me.
Having bowel movement is always good. Some were heard breaking
wind too so it was good that I was pushing all the air away
anyways. As for slapping wrists, knees and other limbs, I suppose
it could have been made better if it incorporated some
bitch/pimp slapping
routine. Go with someone you loathe for best results on the
pretext of having a bonding session. Not only would those tai-chi
sessions be invigorating, they would be therapeutic too. Beats
going to the shrink any day. At no charge as well.

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  1. Nina

    Yah.. tai-chi is good! Can put colours on your face too! heehee !try yoga then.. see if you can handle that.. :-p

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