And The Answer To Afdlin Shauki’s “Why You Still Fat” Is…

… because Mawi
and Datuk K
were clenching (their buttcheeks) or kemut as you’d say it
in Bahasa. At least that’s the answer tonight’s audience got.

It was an enjoyable affair tonight. Another full house
performance that filled even the floors and steps of The Actors
Studio. Mawi’s “aura” and Siti Nurhaliza’s “power” played a small
part in it (without requiring their presence but at their expense).
There was even a Hari Raya open-house-outside-his-house that
Afdlin held just before the show started. A weighing machine was
conspicuously placed near the buffet line. Several were spotted
easing down on the buffet after that. Interesting technique.


  1. Nina

    Tip to avoid guys from farting?? Try butt-clenching! Afdlin said it works big time!! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha

  2. laydiefa

    watermelon telenovela..

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