Ballistically Banal

I found a new place that has its queues moving slower than
those in banks or government offices today. It’s called Maxis
Center in TTDI. What made the waiting worse was that I had to
sit next to some people and endure their constant bitching
about the lady’s husband’s brother’s daughter’s grandfather’s
second wife. Don’t get me started on those who were heard having
Crazy Frog’s Axel F
as their choice of ringtone.

So before I went ballistic, I decided to head over to the
mamak shop nearby and have lunch while waiting for my number to
be up. I happen to sit at the table next to a girl who was
having lunch with her boyfriend. I immediately noticed that she
was speaking English in an unidentifiable accent. The way the
a’s were sounding like e’s and the way the r’s were rolled, she
was really trying to sound American. On the other hand, I
noticed the hint of ‘u’ whenever the word ‘color’ was mentioned.
For a moment there, it did sound sexy, though in a funny way.

You might think I’m being pissy over all these, I’m really
not. I’m just being oversensitive to my surroundings at the
moment, that’s all. I know I need to desensitize myself to
everything. Blame it on my being confined in the sensory
deprivation tank over long periods of time. Toldya
I need to get out more.


  1. Anne

    you, being oversensitive to your surrondings??? is tht possible for someone who’s having asperger’s syndrome meh???? hmmmm… Dato’ K!!

  2. Nina friend’s wife’s sister’s son’s grandmom’s 1st cousin said “Evry morn’ I aite hafbor aigg! Ahhh shait!!”

  3. dJ phuturecybersonique

    come to think of it, it’s probably tourette’s syndrome. hahaa! :P

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